Three New Watches Coming Soon!!!

In the next 3W installment, three dress watches around the $5,000 price mark will be reviewed and compared. Keep checking back! This one is going to be TOUGH!

About Three Watches

Long ago, I fell in love with the world of men's watches.

I love studying the history of each watch I am interested in, and feeling the power of the remarkable engineering inside of the beautiful device I choose.

But, as many of you know, the amount of comparable watches on the market can become overwhelming and choices can become difficult (especially when your hard earned money is on the line). is here to help. With the help of the readers'  suggestions and my personal experiences, I will choose three great watches to review and compare, all in one simple article (typically of a common style or price point).

I am here to help watch lovers everywhere make informed decisions.

So reader, with this in mind, I as you to please feel free to make suggestions for showdowns, and tell me what you think about anything and everything.

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